Friday, May 30, 2014

Run Now, Wine Later!

Happy Friday!! I almost didn't think I was going to make it through this week. It seems that when you have a Monday off the rest of the week likes to make up for that day by dragging out the other 4 days. Am I the only one who thinks this?

Anyways, As I was picking up my jimmy john's sandwich yesterday from the reception desk, the receptionist also informed me that I had a package come in the mail. I was so excited because I already knew what it was.

My Ruffles with Love shirt! I absolutely adore it. How cute is that little bow? You can even remove it once it's time to wash. I was actually pleased with the quality of the tank as well. I ended up wearing it to work out during my lunch break that same day and the whole time I felt like stopping, I would just say the words on my shirt: Run Now, Wine Later. And you know what I had after work? A very nice glass of wine Seagram's 7. It was just what I needed.

I also finally read Gone Girl and it had me hooked. I mean I haven't read a book through since maybe high school.(?) Drew has never seen me really get into a book, so he was completely shocked with how quiet I can be during a 4 hour road trip. He would have to beg me to put it down and I'm not the kind of person that can stop midway through a chapter, so he would have to wait. He heard lot's of gasps and "OMG's". I was so interested in this book that after every couple of chapters I would catch Drew up on what was going on. He actually liked it or at least the way I described it. I loved Gillian Flynn's writing style so much that I'm headed to the library this weekend two pick up her other two older books; Dark Places and Sharp Objects. I can't wait to get them.

In other news, Mom and I went to Pei Wei for lunch today. It was really yummy. I've been a couple times before but tried something new this time.

This picture is misleading, as we were walking out of the door the place was buzzing with co-workers, stay-at-home mom's, and students out of school for the summer.

Mom and I started with the Wonton Soup. The flavor was incredible. I take my Wonton soup serious and this one did not disappoint.

For our main dishes mom had the chicken fried rice. I told her she was boring. And the flavor ended up being a little boring to me. I suggested that she add some of the broth from the soup, soy sauce and a dash of salt to make it tastier. It sure did the trick.

For my main dish I had the Chicken Dan Dan Noodles. I was trying to get something I've never ordered before, but even then, I was quite surprised with what showed up in front of me. I loved that there were sprouts and cucumber in the dish. I've never had cucumber in Asian food before but I really thought it was the perfect accent. You are given these two huge spoons that you use to toss all the goodies together. I thought my dish was really good. The only thing I would change is the amount of sauce. I thought it was a little overbearing. But nonetheless, I still loved my dish.

My coworker invited me to go swimming at her pool and have a couple of drinks after work. This sounds like a great way to start the weekend.

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