Saturday, March 2, 2013

March Goals b/c February Sucked

Did any else feel like they kinda lost their momentum last month?

I feel like I didn't do anything productive to keep myself healthy. I mean I did get sick, but did I bounce right back from it? NO. I don't like the way not exercising or eating right made me feel. I felt sluggish, fat, and mentally I felt that I had given up. But I am not a person to give up that easily.

So for the month of March I will have goals to keep me in line. I think for every goal I complete off of my goal list I can purchase that many new workout clothing items. That sounds like a win win to me.

March Goals

1. Avoid eating sweets everyday. Only eat 1-2 sweet things a week.

2. Drink more water. I'm usually pretty good at this but I can feel that I am not as hydrated as I should be.

3. Run outside a minimum of 3 times a week/Strength train a minimum of 2 times a week.

4. STOP overeating. When you are full, put the fork down! Why has this been so hard for me lately?

5. Stay active when I get home from work. Don't plop down, because my big ass will not get back off the couch!

With my trip coming up, I know a couple of these will be hard. But I have a plan!
  • There will be free food so I will not feel guilty if I don't everything on my plate.
  • I am packing my running gear so I can run on the beach of Miami and run on the cruise ships track. Yes, they have a track. AWESOME!
  • Use the hotel gym to get my strength training in.
  • Sodas cost extra on the ship...heck I don't even drink soda's except for with mixed drinks so that will encourage me to drink lots of water
  • I'm sure I will be active enough. I'll be walking a lot to check out the sights and sounds of Miami and the Bahamas.
Do you have any goals for March?

Besides running and hitting the gym, what kinds of things do you do to keep yourself "active" throughout the day?


  1. Oh goodness! February really felt like a bust to me and I feel like I didn't accomplish anything productive. I am hoping March will be better!

    1. Good luck with March. I know I'll be needing all of the luck I can possibly get!

  2. Between travelling and friend/family visiting, February wasn't my healthiest month either! I like your plan of attack for March as it sounds effective without being extreme! Good luck :)!

    1. I know if I tried to do something extreme I would fail. That's why just changing little things in your lifestyle can make the bigger/better difference.

  3. I am the same way - if i get home from work and plop down i wont get back up! haha. I typically work out after work (well, at least 3 days) so that helps and then i am buys cooking dinner and such. And also I try to walk the dog. Lately we have been doing 1 "lazy movie night" each week after work so i have one night where i feel 100% okay with plopping down and veggin out!

    1. Yes, I know you are not a morning workout person, and neither am I. haha. I tried one day, but kept hitting the snooze. I need to make it a point to walk my dogs more, maybe after dinner every night. They would love it and I'm sure I'd feel better.

      I like the idea of the "lazy movie night" but only one night b/c God knows Drew and I can get in the habit of being lazy every night.

  4. Good job Renae! I think February sucked too and maybe that's how it goes and we just haven't paid attention in the past. This week I am completing week 4 of my strength training and I'm super duper excited. HOWEVER, I normally fall of workout programs about the one-month marker. This time I am NOT! I'm going to finish this 12-week training and be very proud of myself. I just wish my body was showing more of my hard work...

    1. Good job on sticking with the program. I have to start back running ASAP!!!

      I'm sure you are showing results but it takes a while before you notice a difference yourself.


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