Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekend Workouts and a Raise!

Things have been looking up lately. But I think that just happens when I finally take the time to make myself happy. I've been staying active and trying to eat better and as a result, I feel like everything else just automatically gets better.

This weekend I took d.o.g on two runs. This was the first time I ever tried to run with him and it was a mess in the beginning. He is getting better though. I love running with him. Not only do I feel safer but he also pushes me to go faster and to actually run up the hills. We did a little under 2 miles on Friday and on Sunday.

Today I plan on going to town lake and renting a bicycle for a while. If not, I may just run a 3 mile loop and call it a day. I can't wait until my niece gets a little older so that I can take her too. She is getting so big and so cute. I loves her.

And I was just told that I'm getting a raise. Hallelujah! And they are going to back pay us from March 1st. So this weeks check will be very nice! I think I'm gonna get a new dress to celebrate the raise and celebrate my running and getting moving again. 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Week in Workouts

I'm back at it again and very excited that I've found my motivation again. I haven't been strength training very much but I'm taking baby steps.

I've done four 3 mile runs in the past week, each showing progress.

Last Friday I ran 3.05 miles in 47:51 for an average pace of 15:40 min/mile.
Monday I ran 3.01 miles in 43:37 for an average pace of 14:30 min/mile.
Tuesday I ran 3.00 miles in 41:47 for an average pace of 13:56 min/mile.
Thursday I ran 3.00 miles in 40:10 for an average pace of 13:24 min/mile.

While I'm not the speediest runner I can see progress in each and every single one of my runs and that's what keeps me going and makes me happy. I've already dropped almost 8 minutes from my first run. I also know that I used to be a lot faster and it sometimes makes me sad but then I realize if I keep it up I can be back to where I was. I just can't give up.