Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thinking Out Loud #4

Good Morning Ya'll!!

The weather is beautiful here in Austin, TX. After a lot of rainy days lately, it was much needed to see the sun today!

Today I'm linking up with runningwithspoons to bring you Thinking Out Loud Thursday. If you want to join in you can always visit here page to find out more details.

1. I signed up for the Keep Austin Weird Fest. It's a 5k event and well very Austin-like. This is how the webpage describes the website. "The Keep Austin Weird Festival & 5K is one blowout party full of music, family activities and local vendors eager to reflect the creative nature of Austin, along with the wackiest 5K you’ll ever run, walk or slither. Think of this festival as the ultimate toast to Austin, a toast to hospitality, fun and a sense of community. No need to hide your kids or hide your wives (or husbands) as there are plenty of fun shenanigans for any Austinite in attendance."

I'm super excited about this race. It should be fun and a race like this takes the pressure off. 

 2. Yesterday my job had an employee appreciation lunch/salsa competition. I think my eyes were bigger than my stomach because I walked away with all of this deliciousness unable to finish it all. They ordered tacos from Abuelo's with all of the fixin's.

 3. Drew's grandparent's dog loves me. I mean absolutely adores me. But Drew...he doesn't like Drew at all. Here is Drew's attempt at getting close to Rally. It didn't go to well.

4.  I've come to the conclusion that most everyone loves some Avocado. I'll be honest, I didn't start eating avocado until about a year ago. Now it's a must on tacos, burgers, or even by itself. I found this on stumbleupon and think it is very useful information.

 5. I was seriously thinking about going to a blogger summit this year. I think it would be tons of fun! I'm looking to go sometime next year after I get more information on which summit might be best for me. Do you have any suggestions? Which blogger summit would you choose and why?

6. I cannot wait for football season to start back, especially with the new coach Charlie Strong. I'm very interested to see how this season will go. First game isn't until August 30th, why does that sound so far away? I hope we get as good of seats as we did in years past!


  1. I didn't start eating avocados until a few years ago either, and while it wasn't love at first bite, I've definitely grown fond of them to the point where I can easily polish off an entire one in a single day. And as for blogging summits, I've only been to one so far so I can't say which one is the best, but Healthy Living Summit was definitely a lot of fun and pretty informative as far as blogging for business goes. I'm going to Blend next week, but I think that's more of a retreat -- kind of like a weekend with the girls :)

    1. The blend retreat looks like a lot of fun. I think I may look into going to that one next year. I had such short notice this year. And I can always use a girls weekend. Plus I don't travel often, so this will give me a good excuse to do so.

  2. I was in Austin last year for the Keep Austin Weird fest and I missed it!

    1. darn it! I'll make sure to write a good review on it! I'm sure it'll be really amazingly weird.


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