Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thinking Out Loud #1

Today I'm joining a link-up for once. I never join these things because honestly I never knew what the hell to do. But thanks to Running With Spoons I get it! I finally get it!!

1. I changed my header today and in the process, completely ruined my blog layout...but oh well, it's Thursday and it will stay like that because I'm lazy don't know what the hell I'm doing.

2. My Mom's department at work is having a potluck. I died when I saw what everyone wrote what they were bringing. Below are some of the items that people signed up to bring:
  • Something Yummy (really...something yummy, well I hope it is, whatever it is)
  • Something Mexican (this started a chain reaction, see below)
  • Something Chinese
  • Something Indian
  • Something Peruvian 
  • Something Jewish (really?)
  • Something Potlucky (what does this even mean?)
  • Something American
 You guys, when you are signing up for a potluck, please put what you're actually brining...seriously.

3. My birthday is in two days. I'm so glad it's gonna be on Saturday. We're doing BBQ, Corn hole, and horse shoes. My closest friends and family will be there. I can't wait. I bought this little number from Charming Charlie for my birthday dress.

Zoe Day and Night Dress

and this dress just because...
Sadie Striped Tank Dress

Aren't these dresses just adorable. I have worn the Sadie Striped Tank Dress and I love the way the bottom swirls as you walk and turn. I can't wait to wear the Zoe Day and Night Dress.

4. Drew knows I love ranch so he decided to cause a scene at Whataburger because the manager said there was no ranch and then an employee brought us some. As we were walking out Drew shouted "You're supposed to be the manager, step your game up." After a couple of awkward silent minutes, we both busted out laughing....who says that anymore "step  your game up." HAAA! And because of that Drew will forever be known as Ranch Boy when he goes back to Whataburger.

5.  I miss this girl, but she's in town this weekend and will be at my birthday. Can't wait to see her!! side note: we've been best friends since elementary and still going strong. It's nice to have true bff's. Every girl NEEDS at least one.

Have you ever made a scene at a restaurant/fast food establishment? What was it about?

What do you usually take to potlucks?


  1. That potluck list is ridiculous lol. Just to be a smartass, I would probably put "something" and leave it at that. Also, those dresses you bought are super cute and I hope you have an awesome birthday this weekend filled with good food, friends, and family :)

    Happy to have ya link up this week :D

    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes!! And I'm so glad I joined your link-up. I found so many other cool blogs because of it


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