Monday, June 2, 2014

Rockport and Port Aransas, Texas

Happy Monday!

For a Monday, things aren't going so bad. See I lost my phone this weekend: the Galaxy S5 that I just bought less than a month ago. I was very torn up about it this weekend. But I found out today that I had insurance on the phone and would only need to pay a deductible to get a new one. This really made my Monday Morning that much better.

Anyways, I know I'm super late posting this but I wanted to still capture on my blog what I did during this Memorial Day weekend. My Mom, Dad, Drew and I packed up our things and headed to the beach. The main thing we wanted to do was to go fishing! So our first stop was to Mama's Bait Shop. Every year when we are in need of bait we go to Mama's. She is located right off the bay and always has some of the freshest bait in town.

Mama talked us into buying some crab. We've never fished with crab so she kindly explained how to crack open the crab and when you should hook them. We ended up getting shrimp, crab, mullet, and shad.

After we bought our bait, we had one last pit stop to make before heading out to go fishing. We knew we'd be out there for hours and didn't want to get full on beer, so we bought a bottle of Texas Crown.

We headed to the 1000 ft pier and began fishing. It was super windy out so it was hard to tell if a fish was trying to sneak some of your bait off. I caught on quickly and reeled one in. Drew and Dad were jealous.

Drew almost caught one right after me, but right after I took this picture, the fish got away. Doesn't it look like it would have been a big one?

We stayed out fishing until about 11:00 p.m. It just got too windy and fishing started to become more of a hassle than fun. We went home I read the last of Gone Girl and we called it a night.

The next day we woke up early and headed out to Port Aransas. We went fishing for a while off of the jetty. We saw a bunch of interesting things there.

The dolphin in the photo above, stayed around our fishing area for a good 20 minutes. We think he was sad because he couldn't find his posse of dolphins.

After we had been fishing in the heat for so long, I wanted to cool off. Good thing we bought a boogie board to ride the waves with. We had so much fun playing on that thing. After an hour I was exhausted, but Drew was still out there for another hour by himself trying to master the art of riding waves. ha!

After a long day at the beach, we headed back to our rooms to play bags and boards and make some hamburgers on the grill before another night of fishing.

We headed back to Mama's bait shop for some more bait and saw this bird eating a perch whole.A family nearby was catching them and throwing them to the bird who would swallow the perch whole and patiently wait for more.

 Overall, we had an amazing time. It was nice to relax and not worry about a thing. I can't wait for more adventure like these.

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