Tuesday, May 20, 2014

100th Post and a Booty Workout!

Yes, you read that right! 100th post. I can't believe that this blog would have ever gotten this far. It's kind of crazy but I'm very excited to know that I have a lot of content/memories to look back on. For this I am thankful.

This weekend Mom and I had a little workout session in her living room. I love doing workouts that don't require weights and don't require your presence at that gym. If your looking for a quick, no-weights workout then here is a good one to try.

This workout was extra sweaty and quick and by the end I felt really, really good.

After the workout Mom and I headed out to run some errands. I got a new workout shirt and sports bra. I'm really loving the Champion brand Max Support. I FINALLY found a good bra.

I also picked up some items to do a DIY project for my Dad. I was really excited to get this done for him because I didn't want him to have to pay money for a night stand when I could just remodel something old that he had.


I still want to add a design on to the sides of it. I was thinking about the Aggies logo on the side and "Gig 'em" on the top. But why ruin a good thing with the Aggies logo ;)

I've been really consistent with my workouts for the past 3 weeks. The habit is  back. I'm feeling great, I can feel my muscles growing, my self-esteem is coming back. I can't wait for what's to come.

I shall celebrate with a watermelon margarita....or not. It looks good, the idea is good, but I didn't care for it.

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