Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Phone Dump!

Good Morning!!

I hope you all had a great weekend. I know I sure did! The family and I all headed out to Rockport, Texas. It was so nice mainly because there was no itinerary. We got to wake up when we wanted, eat when we wanted, and fish until we couldn't fish anymore.

I left my camera in Drew's car, so I'll post about that tomorrow! Boo, I know. So today I'll just be phone dumpin'.

I've been working out again, consistently. It feels so great. I can feel my body changing. While I haven't been running much, I've been focusing more on strength training. I'll get to running again here soon. I've been using the Samsung Workout Trainer and I love it. I'm currently doing two different programs, Lose It. Tone It and Slim & Trim Bootcamp. I absolutely love it. Workouts vary from 8 minute stretches to 40 minutes of cardio to 20 minutes of Tabata. I love the variety.

When we ventured our way to Port Aransas, the guy next to us caught a stingray. I thought that was pretty interesting. Especially when they grabbed it's tail to keep it from whipping them.  And then there was this bird that wouldn't let you pass him. There was this stare about him that was so creepy.

Everyday I fall more and more in love with Andrew. There is something about him that always makes me want to cuddle him. I just want to feel his warm embrace. Is it weird that my favorite smell is when I'm hugging him after a hard day's of work, and I can just smell the oil, gas, and sweat? I think it's because I know he worked hard all day to help support the two of us. I love him.

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