Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Holding Eachother Accountable

As you may have heard in a previous post last year, I was helping my mom as her personal trainer. I showed her some things to do at the gym. We'd make sure we'd make it to the gym at least 5-6 times a week and then on the other days away from the gym we'd have to still do something active. We we're holding eachother accountable and making to check in with eachtoher on what we did that day to be active. We we're loosing weight and building muscle together. It felt great. That lasted an entire month...and then just ended.

Well I don't like to call myself a quitter so this morning I told Mom we're going to start back up again! I really can't wait.

I can't wait to feel sore again.

I can't wait to see muscles definition again.

I can't wait to feel comfortable in my clothes again.

I can't wait to see Drew's face when I show the amount of pushups I can do.

I can't wait to sign up for 5k's and get faster at each one.

I can't wait to live and breathe "HEALTHY"

I can't wait to get excited to read a Runners World magazine.

I can't wait to get excited to go to zumba, FREE Saturday Crossfit at my box, and cycling class.

I can't wait to FEEL happy again.

I can't wait to receive the compliments again.

I am soooo ready and I know my Mom is ready too. She's ready to have someone push her to her limits, to tell her no to that chocolate cake, and to be told that someone is very proud of her.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Camping Fun

I finally made it camping. It has been years! We actually went earlier this month for my birthday, but I'm just now getting around to writing a post about it.

I don't have many pictures because I was having too much fun to worry about charging my phone or pulling out any electronics for that matter.

I was only able to get one picture in before my phone died and I didn't care anymore.

Drew and Mema on the bottom right
Isn't that view awesome. I was so excited when Drew and I arrived. My parents, Mema, and the Dogs had gotten there earlier in the day and camp was already set up! YESSS!! That's how you do it.
We played darts, listened to music, made smores (OMG sooooo Good), and drank a little beer. Even Mema got in on the beer action with a little budlight strawberitta. GO MEMA! It's your birthday! The next day we woke pretty earlier and I made everyone biscuits and gravy, bacon and eggs. Obviously we aren't the traditional campers anymore we have a pull behind camper that comes with an oven, stove, shower, and plenty of sleeping room! Sweet.
Later in the day Drew and I decided to go fishing. I didn't think we'd last very long b/c I used to get bored after an hour. But we ended up fishing for 4 hours. We had a bet going. $5 for the first person to catch a fish, $5 for the biggest fish, and $5 for the most fish caught. Drew caught the first but I caught the BIGGEST!!! Everyone at the marina was impressed. They even started asking me questions about how deep I was fishing  and what bait I was using. They I thought I was a professional. :] We didn't end up catching anymore fish so we tied. A lot of people at the marina did end up giving us the fish that they caught. WINNER WINNER FISH DINNER.
My brother, his wife Amber, and lots of Uncles, Aunt's and Cousins made it out. It was the best birthday/camping trip ever. I think we've decided we are going to do this every year for my birthday. I had a blast. Just wish it wasn't over so soon.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

I may not be_____but I am _______!

I may not be the worlds fastest runner but I am a runner.

I may not be the most fashionable person but I am the most cautious person.

I may not be a great cleaner but I am a great designer.

I may not be the smartest but I am still going to school.

I may not have the best job but I still can pay my bills.

I may not eat the healthiest but I work my ass off so that I can eat what I want.

I may not have a bangin body but I do have a bangin smile and personality to match.

I may not give my friends enough time but I am always there when they need me.

I may not be the tidiest person but I will always be on time.

I may not be the healthiest cook but I can freakin cook my butt off.

I may not have the best car but I do have a car that gets me where I need.

I may not wash the outside of my car but I can change my own oil.

I may not be the girl who can fulfill your wildest desires but I am the girl that can beat you at video games.

I may not have a normal family but I have the best, funniest family you could ask for.

I may not do everything I promise myself I do but I have the best intentions.

What are some things you are very bad at?

What are some things you are very good at?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Last Day of Classes!!

Woot woot. Well it's not officially my LAST day of classes. I take two more classes this summer and then I'll finally be done with school. I can't believe it! Ya'll I've been in college a lonnnnggg time.

As soon as I graduated high school I started the very next semester at Texas State University. I was sooo eager and excited and my best friend got in too. We just knew that we'd be having fun for so long in school together. Well things didn't end up that way.

My parents told me they'd help pay for college but after the first year we all realized how expensive it really is. Keep in mind I didn't get any scholarships or government assistance. We'd have to pay out of pocket for it. Well after the first year my parents said that's all they could afford. I continued on for another half year and realized I'd never be able to make the payments. So I took the easy way out and quit. I left my best friend down there and my dreams.

About a year later I decided I needed to go back and finish something that I always saw myself doing. I decided to enroll at Austin Community College while working full time. So since then I've been taking two classes at a time and working. And I am proud to say that I will graduate this year.

YAYYYY!!! The one thing I wish I would have done differently was to start at ACC and take as many classes as possible then transfer to Texas State. But I was way to excited to have gotten accepted into Texas State. I now know the wait is worth it.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Road trip

Hey guys, you will have to bear with me. Im in the car with my hunny bunny so im writing this on the good ol phone.

Were headed to the lake to go camping and im super excited!!!

My dad, mom, and mema (grandma) have already gotten there. At least set up is done...haha. My brother and his wife will be arriving tomorrow to celebrate an my birthday a little early.

Yall I havent gone camping in like 3 years. my family and I used to go every weeekend until I was in 6th or 7th grade. At the time I didnt appreciate it as muchas I do now. Its so relaxing....ahhh I cant wait to get there.

We do things just a tad bit different now. We used to be tent campers but we have upgraded and now have a pull behind camper, with an oven and shower....heavan:)

I made sure to bring my workout clothes to go on a run and maybe catch some cool nature shots. Im most excited about fishing though...and hopefully catching some fish so that we dont go starving...ha kidding. We knew better and brought some food...just incase.

Whens the last time you went camping?