Tuesday, May 13, 2014

8 Things Every Little Girl Should Know

Dear Madisyn, 

Your Aunt Renae just turned 24 and while I don't think that I have gained all of this wisdom over night, I do think that turning 24 means that I have gone through some things. Some things that I want to help you overcome, some things that I want to help you experience and some things that I never want you to go through. To keep this from being sappy, I'm gonna number it off.

1. When your Dad tells you that you can't have a boyfriend until your 30, he's not being mean. He truly cares about you and doesn't want to have to beat up your ex-boyfriend because he was an a**hole.   I know you, like me, will laugh it off when he tells you this, but really quickly I learned that having a boyfriend at an early age did nothing good for me. This person that you "love" will not be there forever. They will take your mind off of the most important things in life so stick with friends.

2. Make amazing friends. Cherish them. Never be too busy for them. Always be there for them and they will do the same for you. They will help you through those bad break-ups, through those tough high school days, and through those days when you feel like you are alone. Your friends will be there. And if you treat them right they will be there forever. There is nothing more satisfying in life than knowing that you have people to lean on.

3. Don't be shy. Try new adventures.Put yourself out there. When no one else is doing it and you want to, do it! You will learn so much more about yourself by trying new things. You will meet amazing people by putting yourself out there. Many times that I didn't try something, I almost always regretted it. And now that I'm older and realize this, I try to never say no. 

4. Be healthy. Make wise choices. This does not mean you can never have ice cream or chips. It means have these things in moderation. We come from a family that loves to eat and that is fine. But because of it, our family has bad health issues. I also mean to take a walk from time to time, clear your mind of all the negativity that could be around. Pick up a sport, try yoga, whatever it is just make an effort to be healthy. 

5. Love who you are and everything you do. Do not join a club you don't like because everyone else is doing it. Do not hang around negative people if they make you unhappy. Do not settle for a job that makes you unhappy because it will cause other things in your life to be unhappy. Love who you are and embrace it. Never let anyone change who you are because you are already wonderful. Love what you support, love your beliefs, love what you have.

6. Stay away from gossip. Don't believe what every one says. You will lose a lot of friends this way. Because someone doesn't like someone doesn't mean you shouldn't like them. You could be missing out on a great friend by listening to what others say about them. You make the decision yourself. Plus, no one really wants to hang out with a gossiper, they know that you probably say things about them too, and therefore, they could never really trust you or ever truly consider you a great friend. 

7. Enjoy your time as a child/teen/young adult. Do all that you can do in this period of your life. During these ages, you are finding out who you're friends are, what it is that you like to do, and the best part, you don't have to work or worry about paying bills. So don't spend the time wishing you were older because later in life you will want to go back to this period in your life. Don't try to rush things, take your time making decisions and really think about what you want in life and start working on it now. 

8. Keep your family close. They are a huge part of your life now and will continue to be so in your future. They love you very much and only want the best things for you. When your Dad yells at you for something stupid you did, he still loves you. When your Mom is upset that you didn't do your chores, she still loves you. Your family are the only one's that have known you your entire life, they can help you. You can go to them for help, advice, and on those bad days, a shoulder to lean on. I can say that my family is the most important thing in my life. So when they force you on those camping trips and you'd rather be somewhere else, don't be mad at them, they just want to create memories with you that will last forever.


Your Aunt Renae



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