Monday, April 28, 2014

Didgeridoo, tubing, and a workout

 I did it ya'll!! I got my butt in gear and worked out during lunch.
I debated back and forth, "should I go, should I stay." And finally I just went to the gym here at work and did some strength training. As much as I didn't want to, I went and ran the Westlake Hills behind our building here at work. Afterwards, I felt so good. It's what I needed. Sometimes you have to do things your mind is telling you not to.

I also got a Varidesk at work.  This allows me to stand or sit while I'm at my desk. The view is not bad either.

This Varidesk will help me to not be so still during the day. I think it's a great way to get myself back on track with a healthy lifestyle.

On Friday, we went over to my parents to play corn hole. Drew gets so serious when he plays.

Dad, Mom, and Harley

Drew is a landscaper, so over the weekend I told him I would help him. We worked from 9am-9pm on Saturday. I got a great workout! Then again on Sunday for 3 hours. I used to joke around with Drew saying his job was easy and that he was lucky, but man, you have to be really fit. I was dripping sweat non-stop the entire day. It was what I needed. I felt like I got a great workout in on Saturday and Sunday.  Much props to the landscapers out there. Drew and his coworker were very happy with how hard I was working and how much I was able to get done. They were impressed and I feel very accomplished.

After the long weekend of working outside, Drew and I thought we could rewards ourselves with some tubing adventures. We had so much fun tubing and at the end of the river, my best friend Angela and Daniel were there waiting for us to arrive. We chatted for a while before heading to Angela's cabin in the woods to play Daniel's didgeridoo.  If you've never heard of this, google it now. It's pretty cool, but extremely hard to play.

Where's the best place you've ever been tubing?

Do you prefer to work inside/outside, standing/sitting?

Have you ever tried to play the didgeridoo?

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Austin Reggae Fest/Marley Fest and Easter Sunday

This It's already Thursday which is a good thing. That means the weekend is that much closer.

Last weekend was a great one. Drew and I went downtown Austin on Friday night. We stayed out late, dancing the night away. The next day, we did a lot of sleeping. We really wanted to go tubing on Saturday but the weather was not up to par. So we ended up at the Austin Reggae Fest/Bob Marley fest. The weather was perfect for the event.

aren't those the longest dreads you've ever seen...geez

We listened to several bands and ate lots of delicious foods. We had the kettle corn of course, a chicken oregano gyro, Drew had a lamb gyro, and we also ordered a crepe filled with nutella, peanut butter, banana's, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, covered in whipped cream. I not a fan of peanut butter but it looked amazing.

The next day was Easter Sunday. I woke up bright and early because my yummy tortilla soup was requested. So I went to the grocery store and then went to my parents where I began to cook the soup. We ended up having "make your own sandwiches", chicken salad sandwiches, pizza, salad, and my tortilla soup. Everything was super yummy. After lunch we played bags and boards/corn hole then began taking pictures of the lovely Miss Madisyn. She is 5 months already. crazy how quick time passes.

Can you tell that the girl is loved....

After all of the Easter festivities we headed back to the Reggae Fest because we had a blast the day before...

Only this time someone decided to go streaking. I think the funniest part is when security did a running, jump in the air tackle to get the guy down. hahaha too funny.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Cruise to Cozumel Pt. 3 !

I admit that I was a horrible photographer for the Cozumel Cruise. I was having such a good time that it was hard to interrupt those moments to snap pictures. So unfortunately, I don't have many pictures of the Island.

While in Cozumel we went sailing, snorkeling, and went to a private beach party. Unlimited Alcohol Ya'll. It was pretty sweet. Drew and I swam into the water to find the water obstacles, slides, and trampoline. We had so much fun. I already started feeling the warm sun slightly burning my back, but I couldn't stay out of the crystal clear water.

After the beach party we sailed back to the common part of Cozumel. We bought our alcohol to take home for super cheap. Between Drew, my Mom, and I, we brought back 2 - 3 liters of Bacardi, 1 - 3 liter of Crown royal, and 4 - 1 liter bottles of Crown royal. Total Cost = $220. That's about $16 per liter. You CANNOT find those prices here in the States.

We got back onto the ship and went to the Casino again. I put $20 down and won $125 on blackjack. I immediately left the table after winning 7 hands in a row. Bad luck will hit eventually.

Drew was stuck testing his luck on these games.

We later went to the karaoke bar to meet up with Mom and her friends. They were doing well on the trip too ;)

Andddd....I couldn't have enough of these martini's made at the Alchemy bar. I was the only one to correctly guess each martini and so I won a martini/carnival charm!!

Overall, this was the best cruise I have taken. I think a large part of it had to do with Drew being there. Normally, by the third day, I'm ready to be at home in his arms. Drew enjoyed his first cruise so much that we are already planning our next cruise...we're thinking Jamaica. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cruise to Cozumel Pt. 2 :)

The next morning was spent hungover. I decided the best way to get over it was to eat, jump on the slide that throws you into the coldest water ever, and then have another drink.

Haha. It was too much fun and just what I needed.I think everyone was feeling the need to jump into the water. The pool area got packed fast!

 Do you see that medal around my neck? I won that the day before at the bean bag contest! Woot Woot, I'm pretty bad ass...I know! haha

When I purchased the cruise I also purchased some alcohol to be delivered to our room to Drew. This also helped us save money on alcohol...Drew did us a favor and purchased the couples massage. It was heavenly. 

After a little bit of relaxation we headed back to the pool area where they were having the drink mixing contest. Which ever drink won the contest would be added to the drink menu and could be ordered for the rest of that day. Obviously she won!

We went back inside to a different more relaxed bar. The same bar that had my favorite musician playing the best old country hits.

This would also be where we met some new friends that we would continue to hang out with for the rest of the cruise.

 We went to the Karaoke bar where our friends decided to sing a long, Drew was more interested in talking to this sweet man.

 to be continued...

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cruise to Cozumel Pt. 1 :)

Sorry I'm not sorry for not posting in a while...because last week Drew, my Mom, her friends Kim, and Andy all took a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico!

It was Drew's first cruise. He was super nervous and didn't think it would be all the fun that I said it would be. Boy was he wrong. I admit that as we were leaving port from Galveston, Texas he did say something like "I can still see land, I have time to swim back." That was the last negative thing Drew said while on the trip.

 Galveston is not the prettiest right now due to the recent oil spill.

After about 3 hours and a couple of drinks in his system, it was like Drew completely forgot we were on a cruse ship. He had a blast!

The drink menu was spectacular. They make is super convenient to pay for things while on the ship. They tie your money to your room key which is also what you use for entry on and off the ship and how you are seated for formal dinner. The card was always on you, so a lot of drinks were ordered!

I decided that after a few drinks I would show Drew around the ship. There was over 15 different decks. Our cruise had a casino, multiple bars/clubs, a theater, an outside theater, a water slide, mini golf and much, much more.

After our little tour we began to dive in and take advantage of what the ship had to offer. At this point Drew was still in awe, so I wanted to take him somewhere that he could be at rest. We went to the Whiskey and Stogies tasting. You paid $7 to try 4 whiskeys of your choice and a stogie of your choice.

As you can see in the background they had some sweet Cumbia band playing. I loved their sound and was soon dancing, moving my hips.

Afterwards, we met back up with the other members of our group to the best bar on the ship, the Alchemy bar. This is also where I learned that older women love Drew and that would be the theme throughout the rest of the cruise. See below.

This man was the bomb (.) com! He played a lot of old country music and sounded just like the greats!

Later we went to see some of the shows that Carnival had on the ship. They were all amazing but I wasn't going up there. They like to embarrass you and get you comfortable with being crazy on the ship.

Every night when you come back to your room, the wonderful room stewards would make you a new towel animal. Our first night we got an elephant. They also give you the itinerary for the next day along with every activity that is going on, on the ship.

 After resting for a while we went down to test our luck at the Casino (no luck tonight) then headed to the club. It didn't close down until 5 a.m. and we were the until the end. This is how every night ended for us.

Day one was a success. We had an amazing time and couldn't wait to see what was in store for the next day.

to be continued...