Wednesday, May 7, 2014

La Madeline Yummy-ness

Come on Weekend!! You're almost here....please hurry.

I've been keeping up with my workouts. I'm feeling sore again and I love it!! I have more energy in the mornings. I am saying no to the sweets (well, not all of them) and limiting the alcohol. I now remember why I liked working out so much. It's pretty amazing. Today was a little different though.

My mom and my Little's came to pick me up for lunch today!!

Any day that I get to see my little's is an extra special day!

After thinking long and hard, we settled on La Madeline. I love this place. It's a Country French Cafe and it's super yummy.

I started with French Onion Soup

Then moved on the Chicken Parisien. It's filled with yummy balsamic chicken, bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise on a delicious sourdough roll. I tend to get this every time, it's so good. I also got a side of pasta salad.

Mom opted for the Turkey Bistro that had turkey, bacon and provolone with sun-dried tomato pesto, lettuce and tomatoes. She also got the side of pasta salad. Of course I snuck a bite (or two) and it was pretty good, I still liked mine better. I love when I order the best dish at the table...I'm like "ha ha suckers, you wish you ordered this" :)

her's does look more appealing, but looks can be deceiving

After lunch, I immediately went to the bakery located inside. See, since my birthday is coming up and I sign up for all of the rewards programs anywhere I go, I got a lot of birthday surprises in my inbox. One of my favorites was a free pastry from La Madeline. YES! Heaven!

I had so many options to chose from... take a look at these beauties.

You all are gonna think I'm boring or maybe even a little crazy or lame...but guess what I ended up with...

a Chocolate Chip Cookie....As I was sitting at my desk eating this, I kinda got upset with myself for not going for something else. Really...a freakin cookie, Renae...ugh whats wrong with me.

If I could do it all over, I definitely would have selected the Chocolate Torte. It looked so delicious. Just thinking about it is making my taste buds explode....

Oh well, you live and you learn right...maybe next time.

Have you ever been to La Madeline?

What is your favorite dessert?
(mine must include chocolate)


  1. I totally forgot about the amazingness that is French Onion soup... SO delicious...

    1. One of my favorite soups! But it's weird because I can still taste it all day long after I eat it. haha


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