Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Facts

It's Friday Ya'll!! Time to Party!!!
(after work of course)

1. Yesterday after work I went to library and got a new card.I check out 3 books that I'm pretty interested in. One of them in particular I will be doing a book review for you. It's called Mindless Eating. I'm really curious to read it because typically I am guilty of just that, Mindless Eating.

2. I'm doing a blog challenge called the 28 day blog challenge. Bascially everyday for the month of February you do something to revamp your blog. Can you imagine what my blog may look like at the end of this challenge? I'm looking forward to my blog really representing who I am as a person. Right now it's kind of on the boring side. If you want to join, simply click the 28DBC picture to the right of your screen. It will be worth it.

3. Last night I prepared homemade chalupas. They were soooo good. I know it's not the best thing for me, but it sure tasted delicious. I only had one! I promise.

4. As I told you before, I am running the Electric Run in Austin at the end of March. It's more of a fun run so I decided to tell my best friends and boyfriends they are running with me. As of now, there are over 600 teams. Angela, Alexis, and myself are already registered. My Love will be registered next week. Check out this video they put together for the event.

Tell me you DON'T want to be there!! Yah didn't think so. I can't wait!!!!

Happy Friday! I'll probably be posting again later. Boss just got in, gotta go :]

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