Friday, February 22, 2013

Mizuno Wave Rider 15's

I have been running in basketball shoes and other various shoes not specifically made for running. I've been able to run in them okay, but man, I've been missing out with real running shoes.

The first time I ran in the Mizuno Wave Riders was a very great experience. It almost felt as if the shoes were correcting the way I was running. They encouraged me to run on my toes instead of my heels. They are super comfy and cute. I also learned that I have been wearing a half size too small in shoes. I bought these in a size 10 and they are perfect.

I'm starting to keep track of my mileage on the shoes. I've never done this before, but now I understand the importance of changing your shoes out every 350-400 miles. These shoes will definitely be lasting me a long time. I got them from RunTex in Austin Texas only because I had a gift card, but you can find them cheaper other places and even online.

What are your favorite shoe's to run in?

How many miles do you run in your shoes before you buy new one's?


  1. Great shoes! I have a pair of Mizunos but I usually run in my Asics!

  2. Asics are great! I have some but I'm looking for some new shoes soon so I might check them out. I'm glad your new shoes are helping you to run better!

    1. Yes, I've also heard good things about the Asics and Brooks PureFlow's.


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