Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Lesson I'm Still Learning...Shit Just got Serious

It's Saturday and I'm a happy girl. I started this morning off sleeping in until about 9:30. I decided to call it a lazy morning and we didn't end up eating breakfast until 11:30. That rarely happens in this house. See, I have a hungry boyfriend and he is usually hungry all the time. But this morning I got to relax and just be lazy for a morning it felt nice.

For breakfast I ended up making him his first english muffin. I made ham and provolone cheese mcmuffins. They were delicious. And of course I had to make him two and in the end he was still hungry.

About an hour later I finally headed out for some speed work. This is very new to me. And my legs are definitely feeling it now. But I love the way it feels. It seems like I actually did some WORK!. Do work SON!! After working out I foam rolled but not nearly as long as I should have.

At this very moment I am drinking Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select. WoWzers this stuff is strong. See I told ya'll I'm a Texas Girl. Whiskey and coke sure is making my afternoon. And please don't forget the reggae music in the background.

On to a more serious issue...

This can go for guys or girls but ladies, I'm specifically talking to you!
I've found that even when I'm not consciously thinking about it, I find myself constantly comparing myself to others. I think this stems from being overweight my entire life and always wishing I looked like some else. I would think that if only I could be a size 6 I would be so much happier. Now I'm still no size 6 but I have dropped into the single digits of clothes. The happiness of getting into that size lasted all but 24 hours. Then it vanished as soon as I saw another girl that was smaller.

I don't know what it is. I like to think of myself as a strong, confident young woman but yet I always end up comparing myself to others. It could be their size, their clothes, or the amount of money they make that tends to leave me thinking I'm not good enough. But it shouldn't be about that. If I was not comparing myself to others I'd think I have a fantastic life. I would love the way I look, and more importantly I'd be the happiest I've ever been.

It makes no sense to constantly compare yourself to others. I was telling My Love that when I/Others do this, we never give ourselves a chance to love our selves. I'm ready to love myself, my body, my career, my ambitions, and everything about my life. There's always room for improvement in every one's lives. And while you may think they are perfect, they too have something about themselves that they are not the most proud of, or  a body part they don't absolutely love.

It's about OWNING what you got. It's about not caring what others think of you, but instead, what you think of yourself. I've had trouble with this my entire life. But I'm ready to take charge of who I want to be. No more comparing, judging, or changing who I am to be like someone else. Look around! There's obviously people in your life that love you, care about you, and think very highly of you. It's time to think these things about yourself.

I know it's sometimes even hard for me to go through others blogs because I'm constantly comparing my life, page views, miles, body shape to others. I know that people only post what they want to on a blog so sometimes what they post on their blog can be misleading. Many people only want to post their positives on their page for the world to see, but not their negatives. It in the past has made me think that these people were so perfect. But we all know everyone has something in their life that they are not the most proud of. But it's your decision what you portray. So be careful when reading blogs. Don't let your mind slip into thinking that you want to be like someone else. BE YOURSELF.


  1. "Owning what you got"---> amen to that! No about of losing weight/reaching a certain size will bring happiness if we can't find happiness from within. Sorry to sound all spiritual but it's so important to avoid the social comparison trap and instead be happy with who we are as opposed to who we "want"' to be!

    1. It's true! There are so many other things in life they bring you true happiness. Those are the things that you have to find and embrace.

  2. "Look around! There's obviously people in your life that love you, care about you, and think very highly of you. It's time to think these things about yourself. "
    So TRUE!

    And you're right about comparing everywhere. I actually mentioned this on my blog recently, about how I feel like I'm on display and being judged with posting my workouts on dailymile lately, but the reality is that I'm probably judging myself.

    1. We are our own worst enemy. Sometimes you can think of it as a good thing. Obviously we have big goals and desires for ourselves. We always want better for ourselves. But it goes to far when we finally reach that goal and decide that it's still not good enough because someone else still looks better, still makes more money, or still appears to be a happier person. Again own what you do have. I'll have to stop by your blog read that post


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