Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Miami and The Bahamas

Happy Tuesday! Thank God I was off on Monday. Truly needed it.

It appears that I haven't blogged in a very long time. I was getting side tracked. So much to do in so little time. Valentines was short and sweet. My Love went shopping on his OWN and got me some very nice things from Victoria Secret. I can't believe he did it. And he has really good taste. :]

Friday and Saturday we decided that we were party animals and went downtown Austin both nights. Not too much money was spent, but a lot of dancing did happen.


Backtrackng to what I said earlier..I've been so busy lately.
 Reason #1 -School started back  
 Reason #2 I've picked up more responsibility
 Reason #3 I have done a lot of shopping and making travel plans
I've decided that I need a vacation. Within the next 3 weeks this girl will be:
  • Riding in an airplane for the first time ever!!!
  • Going out of State for the first time (Mexico doesn't count to me)
  • Will be in Miama for the first time
  • Going on my second cruise
  • Going to two islands in the Bahamas.
I am wayyyy too excited! I will be sure to take a blogger bazillion amount of pictures and I will be writing a couple of reviews, tips, and special/key moments.
Yes I'm still working out!  I know it's been  while since I've wrote about it. I'm trying to get more used to the treadmill. I know it's a mental game and I know it's something I want to conquer. I want to start running some long runs on the treadmill to get mentally prepared. This will definitely help because I will constantly be wanting to stop on the treadmill but I won't. I'll tell myself to keep going and build both mental and physical endurance.
Is running on the treadmill easier or harder for you than running outside?
Have you gone on any vacations lately?

Have you gone to the Bahamas or Miami? Can you give me of ideas of things I must do?


  1. running on the treadmill is so much more easier than outside. i finally got on one the other night at the gym...i only did 10 minutes but i would have rather been out on the pavement somewhere!

    we did go to miami about 2 years ago...but it was with kids. so we went to miami beach and then at night we went to check out the night life...lots of hot guys with their shirts off!

  2. You have to let me know if there was something in Miami that I MUST do!


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