Friday, February 8, 2013

I'm done...

It's Saturday and as you can see I am home...
...and miserable.

My life story.

I just realized as I was writing this post that I'm no longer writing about myself or my interests, or what you readers like to hear. I'm not writing about anything positive like stuff you'd see on other pages. I guess because it's time to get real.

I'm tired of being 22 and still in school only to receive a degree less than what I expected out of myself.

I'm tired of being "that girl" that pretends in front of her friends and family that she has a perfect life.

I'm tired of being the girl that promotes a healthy lifestyle to others yet still lives an unhealthy life. (e.g. still smoking cigarettes and consuming ridiculous amounts of alcohol)

I'm tired of promising myself that I am going to eat healthy but 13 minutes later eat 2 slices of pizza.

I'm tired of not living the life I want to live because I'm to scared of failing at it.

I'm tired of constantly comparing myself to others.

....and I'm done being that girl that says she's tired of it but does nothing about it.


  1. WHOO HOOO! Good for you for realizing that there is a problem and that you need to address it! Always nice to give your own self a kick in the ass huh? :)

  2. At least I finally can accept that I do these things so that I am able to take back control.

    In the end your only going to do what you allow yourself to do so you can only hear it from yourself, not others, that you need a change.


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