Monday, February 11, 2013

Pizzaz Pizza Maker Review

Monday Morning hasn't changed, can't get outta bed! Rather go back to the dreams living in my head.

This weekend was very relaxing. I gotta lot of sleep in but no workouts :( I'm kinda upset about that, but I know I gotta get my butt back in gear and I'm definitely ready for a nice workout today...

I'm one of those people that has a bad habit of not fixing things. For example, my stove is not working so I went to go by a Pizzaz Pizza Maker.

I was kinda skeptical about buying it at first but read the reviews and saw nothing but good comments. So I went to go buy a Pizzaz and a Digorno pizza to test it out. Here were the results...

I thought the pizza came out better than using a conventional oven. The crust was sooo crisp and the toppings and cheese were perfect. You can adjust the temps to your liking. You start the pizza at the "dual" setting so that the pizza will cook on the top and bottom. If you want a crispier crust you can set the Pizzaz on the "Lower" setting which means it will only cook the bottom side. If you want the toppings or the cheese to be cooked more you put the Pizzaz on the "Upper" setting.

I definitely recommend this product to you. You can also make your own fresh pizza and it will come out great. You can even make potato skins, wings, quesadillas or any other things you would usually put in the conventional oven.

After testing the product out I got a little bored but also knew I had stuff I needed to get. So I met up with my Momma and we headed out to search for shower curtains. Check out this beauty I got...It's so pretty Momma had to get a matching one.

This shower curtain made this morning's shower glorious. It was so dark and soothing I felt like I was at a spa. Even My Love approved it.

Well this Monday means I'm back to school. This class is only an online class so that makes me extra happy. For those of you that don't know, I'm in school currently studying Criminal Justice. I only have this semester and the Summer until I receive my associates degree. I'm interested in becoming a Parole/Probation officer. After I am done with school I'm thinking about maybe taking classes to become a personal trainer as well, more for my benefit.

Are you in school for anything or if you had the chance would you go back to school?

Do you own a pizza maker?

What's your Monday looking like?

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  1. OMG you have a pizza maker! Is it weird to say that I am seriously jealous??? xo


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