Thursday, January 31, 2013

Suggestions for a half marathon? and Cruise Time!!

It's Thursday and that only means we're one day from Friday!! Woot woot.

I'm eating breakfast at work right now. I made an english muffin with canadian bacon, egg, and cheese. I absolutely love that I can make it here at work too! Everyone's always so jealous. :]

So what goals do I have in store this year besides the Austin 10/20 and Capitol 10k?.....hold onto your horses, this girl is registering for a half marathon! I'm very excited, nervous, anxious. Even if I don't actually run the race until next year I want to register for a half marathon this year. I want this half marathon to be more fun then work, so that means I want to travel to a new-to-me city. I live in Austin but really want to travel and complete my first half marathon at the same time. Does anyone have any suggestions of half marathons for beginners. One's that are fun? In a beautiful city? Easier?
Please let me know which you'd choose and why.

On another note, Mom and I will be going on a cruise this year. It's been way too long since my last one. Right at about 3 years. We haven't finished sorting the details and picking which cruise but we are almost positive that it will be in March. I'm super excited. It will just be my Mom and I and Gentleman Jack of course. Have you gone on a cruise before? If not, I highly suggest it. It is very relaxing and definitely my idea of a true vacation.

I just really feel like I need a vacation away from social media, work, and just to have some alone time. Don't get me wrong, I love being with my friends and My Love but sometimes I get so stressed on trying to make everyone else happy that I tend to forget about what makes me happy. I know we've all felt a little down and under because we just have to much on our plate. Now it's ME time and I am going to take advantage.

So for that week I will not be blogging at all! Hell, I won't even be able to use my phone.

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