Thursday, February 21, 2013


Last night something hit me out of nowhere. It seems that I may have caught the flu.
I decided to make it to work this morning b/c I didn't actually think I have the flu. But my co-workers were less than thrilled to see me. They were spraying lysol around everywhere and kept the door to our room open to keep from trapping the germs in our tiny room. After an hour a work, I decided it was time to leave and call the doctor....

My appointment is at 11:00. I absolutely hate going to the doctors. I hate everything about it. But I figure I'd better get well before my trip. Mom has already seen the doctor and they've told her that she does in fact have the flu. FLU SHMU.

Has anyone seen this video? I don't know what to think of it. Part of me says it's human instinct to float, but part of me thinks these babies should not be by themselves in the pool.

What do you think about the floating baby?
Have you ever had the flu?



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