Thursday, January 3, 2013

Emotional Little Baby

Hello Everyone!!

I'm sitting here at work in a crabby mood. I'm in the process of quitting cigarettes and I've been a hot mess lately. I mean crying all day for 3 days now. I know I just need to quit being a little baby. Just get over it. My boyfriend Drew has probably just about had it up to here with me. I thank him for dealing with me while I'm going through this.

So January 1st, was our 3 year anniversary. I love you Andrew. I can't believe how fast yet so slow it goes. :] We spent the day with me being groggy on day 1 of no cigarettes. I was literally crying because it was taking him too long to fix his car. #quittingsucks Finally when I calmed down we went and ate dinner at Texas Roadhouse. For some reason I never get steaks at restaurants...I don't know whats the deal with that. I've been making some bad decisions these past years. We started off with their delicious hot rolls with cinammon butter. OMG! We each ordered a margarita and split their potato wedges. I was already so full but knew I had a big plate of food coming my way. For my main course I got a Ft. Worth Ribeye Steak delicioussss... I ordered it with grilled onions and brown gravy but the waiter some how managed to forget to put that on the ticket.

(not my picture...but close enough)
Instead of the baked potato, I got regular loaded mashed potatoes, and a side of chili. I was only able to eat a couple bites of each before I was miserable. Drew insisted that we order another Margarita. I ordered their Skinny Lime margarita and it was a bit too "limey" for my liking.
After a nice dinner and plenty of leftovers, we headed to go pick up a new blu ray movie to enjoy for the night. We ended up picking out The Dark Knight Rises. We got home watched 13 minutes of it before we were both passed out on the couch. So much for movie night.

Check out this wordle thing! It's words that I've used many times in my blog this year. I love the idea. Looks awesome too! I love how Drew is one of the biggest words.


 How long have you been with your significant other?
Have you ever smoked cigarettes and quit? How'd you do it?

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