Friday, January 18, 2013

Fun Friday Facts

Hello Blogger Buddies!!

Well it's Friday and that can only mean one thing. Time to partayyy!! I wanted to write a random blog today that I want to start doing every Friday. Just a random post to wrap up the week.

1. My bestfriend just called me this morning claiming that she woke up in my boyfriend Andrew's best friends house. (she swears they didn't do anything) :] I see double-dates in our future!

2. This morning I got all dressed thinking I looked cute. Ummm yeah. I wore white pants that have already been worn once. I left them on the floor....and well, I guess my dog Kujo decided to pee on them a little. EMBARASSING. I tried to do that whole rock climbing or soccer mom look and tie a jacket around my waist, it didn't work to well. My mom thought maybe I made the other "girl" mistake. So here I am wondering if I should go home to change or forget about it.'s Friday. FORGET ABOUT IT :]]]

3. I started picking up my workouts again. Hurray! It's about time. Just for fun yesterday I ran a 5k. I could have continued to. I was just feeling it. I had no music, just time to think. It was an awesome run. I'll probably be doing a 4-5 miler this weekend. I've also been working out here at work. We have an awesome gym for it being a work gym. It's way better than my apartment gym.

4. Today I will either workout at the gym or treat myself to a Charley's Sub chicken cheeseteak. Please tell me someone has had one and has tried the deliciousness involved in every bite.

Until Later,

MissFit Mixed Chick

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