Thursday, January 10, 2013

1 year ago I lost a best friend

I hate to write sad wommmp wommmp posts, but today unfortunately calls for one.

I've shared with you all in a previous post about the tragic, unexpected death of my dear friend Kelsey. Well this New Years was not only the celebration of my 3 year anniversary with my boyfriend Andrew, but it was also the celebration of Kelsey's move to be with God. January 1st Kelsey was the first person that died in Austin in 2012.

On New Years it was too hard to go visit her. But I did manage to hold in the tears last weekend to go see her resting place. I remember that her family was having trouble raising enough money to buy her a headstone, so when I would go visit I had to remember exactly where we had buried her because there was no headstone to point it out.

When I arrived to Kelsey's resting place, I was greeted with the most beautiful headstone I've ever seen in my life. It was something Kelsey definitely deserved.

Isn't that beautiful???

I cried as soon as I saw it. It is the very best of the best and she deserves nothing less.

While there I lit a Curve incens. It smelled wonderful. I stood there and thought about all the good times we shared together, everything I learned from her, and realized that a big part of the reason why I am who I am is because of her.

She made me strong, fearless, less insecure about myself, goofy and a very loving person.

It's always hard to lose someone physically, but I still haven't lost her. She is still very much with me and apart of me.

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