Saturday, January 26, 2013

first spin class rpm

i did my first spin class today.!!! woot woot

why have i been so scared? it was awesome. i loved it.

i showed up to class a little early to let theinstructor know that it was my first time. it appeared that everyone there already knew eachother. they seemed like a close family. instead of that making me feel awkward it was actually more welcoming.

the instructor helped me set up my bike to my preferences and i also had my heart rate monitor. my heart rate reached 184. itqwws never reached that amount when i am running, so that was a surprise to see. i also budrned over 500 calories in that hour. awesomesauce.

they are hosting a giveaway this month. all you hsve to do is attend the classes and each time yu go you are entered into a drawing. i am very competitive so i see lots more spin classes in my future.

i highly recommend this class to everyone. it is very low impact and tons of fun.

i dont have any plans today except maybe to go see my loves niece play in her volleyball tournament. i loved playing volleyball and think it would be awesome to go see her play. it would be even more awesome if the coach needed a helper....wink wink

have you ever taken a spin class?


  1. I've never taken a spin class before, but I really want to. I have the feeling I would love it!

  2. It was sooo amazing. The next class is tomorrow and I will defintely be in attendance. I also tried body pump for the first time today.


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