Saturday, September 29, 2012

So what have I been up to lately? First off, making sure to spend time with my friend for her 23rd birthday!! We're getting old... :]

lets just say that we had WAYYYY to much fun!!

I did pretty bad during the week with working out. I'll just blame that on the monthly. I kicked it back into gear Friday. I went for a run before it's going to be raining all weekend. It was just a little 1.5 miles. After I did a leg workout outside then came inside for an arm workout. I cannot wait to get stronger!!

Today I woke up knowing that I wanted to do strength training. I wanted to try things that I've seen really strong people do, that I'm afraid of. Deadlifts for one...I went in the gym and tried to avoid it because there were really heavy weights on it already. Did some other things around the gym keeping my heart rate up. Finally made my way to the deadlift bar. I looked and noticed that I think those weights were supposed to be on there already...I'm not sure. So I left them on. They were 45 pounds on each side. I went for it...and I did it. Only 5 reps, but thats 5 more than I've done before. I did some other leg, arm, and ab workouts then headed to the treadmill for an easy 1-mile shake out run. I came home with tons of energy. Drew hates me for it...haha.

There's this video that I've watched almost everyday since I've seen it. It is very motivational to me and really its what I want to see out of myself. I know I can do it if I am determined. I wanted to share with everyone. YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO NOW!!!!

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