Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekend Recap and PR!!

This weekend seemed to go pretty fast. Probably because last week I had a 5 day weekend and fell in love with it. :] But tomorrow, it's back to work....already.

Thursday I went to the gym. I told ya'll I fell in love with working out again. I love to love working out. I ended up doing a circuit-type workout. But before anything I wanted to see how fast I could run a mile and see if it's improved. And watch out new 1 mile PR is 8:43. I never thought I could get under 9:30 let anone another minute on top of that. I was soooo happy afterwards. I kept working out and stayed on the treadmill a little longer followed by abs, arms, and leg workout. 

Friday afterwork, my best friend Angela came over. We hung out at my house for a while then headed to Taco Cabana for some food and margaritas. It was happy hour, so margaritas were only $1.50 each. WHAT WHAT. Afterwards, Drew and I headed to our friends, Gabriel and Vicky's. We had plans to drink a little but just wasnt quite in the mood. Good thing because I wanted to really workout hard the next day.

Saturday I woke up right on time for Crossfit. It was a crazy good workout. I am actually bearly able to move right now. I thought I had done enough working out of my legs these past weeks that there was no way I'd be sore....but I am...Im actually thinking maybe I pulled something in my legs...ughhh...great. I went home and made a green smoothie then hunny and I took both our cars to the car wash. I wanted to stay active and washing and vacuuming your car is a great way to do that. We drove around town showing off drews baby...the sex is female...yes Drew says things about his car like...."isn't she a beauty"...he loves his car so much. We stopped at Specs to get a bottle for later that night then went to HomeSlice. If you live in Austin and have never been here, you NEED to go now. Its a keep-austin-weird pizza place located off Congress. The place was packed but we were able to sit down right away because we choose to sit at the bar. I got a lonestar and drew got a shiner. We ordered the Medium - sausage, pepperoni, and onion pizza and not only was it ridiculously huge, it was damn good too. I was gonna stop at one slice but it just didnt make any sense at the time because the pizza was yummmmmo. So I had two. Afterwards we headed back to Gabriel and Vickys where we made a fire in the bbq pit outside for visual purposes only...No meat was being cooked we just wanted a fire for some reason. So we sat outside and enjoyed our alcohol. Great Night.

Today was a verrry weird Sunday. Drew and I slept in until 1. We NEVER do that. We try...but we always end up waking up by 9. So it was very weird waking up in the middle of the day but very much needed. I took the dogs outside for long walks. I had to take them seperately because...well if you know my dogs, you'd know 1 person, plus walking my 2 dogs, equals impossible. I gave them baths when we got back and then Drew ordered a ginormous amount of food for papa johns... I asked him if we were having a football party or something. He ordered a large 5 topping pizza, chicken wings, 6 cheese cheesesticks and soda. We started off eating the chicken wings and cheese sticks and we were full....didn't even touch the pizza. Guess I dont have to worry about dinner tomorrow.

How was your weekend?

Whats your favorite pizza place?

Do you have more than one dog to walk? And do you have to walk them at different times?

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