Thursday, September 6, 2012

Oh the joy

Looky at what I got to wake up to this morning!!!
Isn't that soooo awesome. $155 to repair...not too bad. But I also have to go get my car inspected today. I'm still trying to figure out why someone would do this...It's probably the old man that I cut off last week. I know he followed me home. haha. No, but seriously I have no idea why my car was singled out.

So I was looking at a couple of pictures and found some oldie but goodies.

My brother and SIL had some wedding pictures taken in front of here. But because I love pictures of myself I stole the spotlight a couple of times....

This was not too long ago but seems like it because it's so weird to see a cigarette in my hand. I am now officially 19 days without a cigarette. Woot woot. Almost a month.

Texas Round Up! I remember being so hungover that day. It was one of my hardest races. I was also still smoking. But it was the day I hit my 5k PR 29:37.

Well I have to get ready to leave work and spend all my money on getting my back windsheild replaced. Lucky me!

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