Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Weight and Muscles

I've always thought that my goal weight should be 145 pounds. The lowest I've been is 155 pounds. But since I've been adding a lot of strenght training and crossfit to my workouts, my weight has gone up to 160. It was kinda dissapointing at first but I know that I am doing everything to stay active and eat better. I am building MUSCLE! YAY! and it feels sooo good. I love the feeling of squats and leg presses. I love the feeling after doing 25 burpees. I love the feeling of accomplishing real men pushups. So if that means I gain 5 pounds, then hey, I'm all for it. I know though that it will taper and I will start to lose the weight again. It's just that muscle weighs more than fat. So if I continue to do my running and strength training it will even out in the end. I can't wait to get to the gym.
Also, I printed out a workout log. Most of the time when I go to the gym and I'm lifting weights or increasing reps or running, I often forget what I was able to accomplish the last time. So I could be doing more weights/reps/laps, the same amount, or less. Now, once I log them I will no longer have that problem. I'm also keeping a food diary with it too. I think this is another big step to help me reach my goals and to hold myself accountable. I know spark people has this available but for some reason I tend to forget when on online. I think that by phsyically writing it out and taking it to the gym with me, I will be more on top of things.
Yesterday I was so excited to get home and run outside. My goal was 4 miles and I felt really good about doing it. I went home got dressed immediately. Got my HRM and watch and ate a handful of almonds/nuts before heading outside. After 1 mile of running, I got this horrible feeling in my stomach. I thought I was about to throw up in front of all the cars on this busy intersection. I was able to make it to a park about 1/4 up and thats when I couldn't control it. I just threw it all up in the woods...tmi....i know. I felt soooo sick. So I layed down on a bench for a while wishing I had brought a phone with me or something so that I could call mom to come get me. But no, I don't carry phones because I hate carrying stuff in my hand or my pockets. So I walked home, very sick looking hoping Drew would happen to pass by. NOPE! I even almost fell, baddd. Some car saw me and slowed down a little but kept going.
I got home and told mom about it. So what did I get today? A running belt. I can fit water/gatorade, my phone, and my credit card and ID. AWESOMESAUCE!!! Don't you just love your mom.
Do you have a workout log or food journal? Is it sparkpeople or another?
Have you ever gone on a run and couldn't finish and felt stranded?

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