Thursday, August 30, 2012

Today's workout

So today I did a great job at getting motivated to do my workout. I completed the same workout I did on my previous post but this time I did better with my time.

I went from 24:29 to 22:08. That is a great time difference. I think I made up for most of the time in the leg raises. I pressed through it even though it was so hard. Also I made up a little of the time on my last hill run. I pushed through it. My HRM read 173. I'm normally around 167 by the top of the hill. Overall it was a great workout. I feel so much stronger since doing these workouts. I love it.

Since school started back, my plans for today include doing the long assignment that's due by tomorrow. GREAT. Procrastinating already. I'll get it done. I wanted to get Zumba in today, but not sure since I have HW to either I'll run later or clean the house. Something active.

What is your favorite workout to do afterwork?

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  1. Lifting at the gym w/hubby OR Turbo Fire at the hizzy ;)


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