Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Graduation Party

This weekend we finally celebrated my graduation that happened in December. Everything that could go wrong, was happening. I almost thought I'd have to cancel the party. It was planned as an outdoor event and the forecast was predicting horrible weather. Then the food wasn't ready, they didn't provide paper plates or utensils. It was windy and I didn't get to dress up.....

But then a miracle happened. The clouds parted and made way for the beautiful sun. Right in time for my party! I was happy. What I wasn't happy about was why no one was there. Party started at 2...it's now 2:30 and just me, my Parents, and my Grandma were there. Uh oh. Did people get scared of the rain? Did we order all of this food for nothing...Then the exact opposite happened. We had more people than we thought and we actually had to go back out and buy more food. It turned out to a great day. I'm so very thankful for my family, Drew's family, friends, coworkers and softball team for making it out.

I stopped taking pictures once more people arrived. I really should have had someone else taking pictures. I just realized not one single picture has me in it. HaHa. oh well. I'll remember it!

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