Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Weekend in Pictures Pt. 1

Can we first talk about the beautiful sunrise I was able to capture when I arrived at work?!

Isn't it a beauty... I've been loving my camera lately. I'm always whipping it out and even though I get some "your crazy stares" I don't care anymore. I want to remember my life...and being that I have a horrible memory this blog and these pictures will remind me of my days.

This weekend was very adventurous. I'll explain to you through pictures, because pictures are fun.

I managed to park my car on the curb without realizing until I got back

We made BBQ fajitas, ghetto style. It tastes better... you should try it. 

We went fishing with my Dad. He caught 2, I caught 1, Drew caught 0.

 And yes my pole is pink and lights up!!!

We played some softball this weekend

 OK, this is weird...i just uploaded this photo from my camera to picasa web album and The Hoff just appears in one of my pictures... April fools day?...i hope, because that's creepy. 

  After baseball we played bags n boards...or cornhole and drank some alcoholic beverages.

Told you it was a busy weekend. I didn't even get to post everything...there will be a part 2.

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