Thursday, March 6, 2014

Softball = Love

When I was younger I played softball. I also played every other sport imaginable and I was really good at them all. Except softball. It was my weakness. It was the one sport that I wasn't one of the best on the team. So after a couple of years of playing I quit. I didn't want to suck at anything. And now thinking about it, it seems I just wanted everything to come easy. I didn't practice and I didn't put any effort into becoming a better player. Until recently...

Drew played baseball his entire childhood. He has many pictures, trophies, and more baseball hats than I can count on my fingers. He was the real deal! An Allstar. So when the opportunity to play softball on a coed team came up, Drew and I were all over it. Except I was a little nervous because it's not my best sport. But I decided to join and have fun. We also got my Mom to join as well as Jacki's step-mom. Our team is the most diverse team out there; ages ranging from 20-50's.

These people have become some of my best friends. I look forward to every weekend because I know I'll be seeing my team. I think because of the fact that we go out to have fun and have positive attitudes we end up winning! We've made it to playoff's for the past two seasons and we are on the right track again. Check out our ranking so far for the season. We are team Battle Tested.

Aren't some of those team names hilarious?
Anyways, the main thing I'm getting out of being part of this team is that just because you are not good at something doesn't mean you should quit. Since joining the team, Drew and I have been going to batting and fielding practice to work on getting better. I'm not doing this because I want to win so bad, I'm doing this to prove to myself that if you just put a little effort, time, and practice into something, you can accomplish anything. You WILL get better. Don't give up.

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