Monday, March 17, 2014


This weekend was long, crazy, and very much needed! And now it's back to the daily grind.

My weekened started with my boss coming in to our area and saying "What are you all still doing here, GO HOME!!" I was of course very excited and was out of the office two seconds later. Drew and I decided to head downtown Austin and meet a friend. She was on the other end of sixth street and there was no way we were going to be able to get to where she was. So Drew and I went towards the other end sixth street. We parked right next to the The Driskill which is a haunted hotel located in downtown Austin. Somehow we lucked out with awesome, free parking. So I managed to get a beautiful picture of the hotel and you can see how crowded the streets were.

There was a lot of excitement and happiness floating in the air. It could be from the half naked women that were dancing around everywhere.

If you got it, flaunt it??

I asked someone to take a picture of Drew and I, and this is what happened. Before I could ask her to take another picture she was gone like the wind.
Earlier in the day before SXSW we went over to my parents to try out the game I bought Dad. We are all hooked...and very competitive!

My Dad looks super happy because he is pretty much the master at this game. Drew and Dad were the biggest competitors ever...of course.
I felt like that whole day was spent away from the house and the dogs so the next day we made sure to give them some extra attention and run them around the yard...They were pooped.
Sky is the big dog in the back, Rally is in the front.
And Kujo and D.O.G just wanted to be picked up
It's a transition for both Drew and I and our dogs. They are used to being inside dogs at the apartment but now that we have the house and a yard they are outside dogs. It took them a while to realize that they don't have to be in the house 24/7. They can roam free in the backyard!! I'm so happy for them
Did you do anything exciting this weekend?
Do you have any haunted places in your city?
What is your family's favorite competitive game?

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