Friday, March 14, 2014

Frustration and a Party

So today kinda stinks. I pull up to the convenience store in the morning and a guy drinking his coffee outside says my headlight is out.

Then I have my graduation party scheduled for tomorrow. It's outdoors....and it's going to rain all weekend and next weekend. I'm thinking I'm just canceling it. I feel like it wasn't meant to be. I felt like I had to pull strings to get it to happen. I didn't feel like anyone really wanted to celebrate...except maybe my it's only an associates degree. I bet people think I was insane for trying to have a party because I got an associates degree....let me stop...

On to the fun...

At my job we have a little deli downstairs. I had ran out of food for lunches so I had to stop in to grab a bite. I ended up getting the California Wrap and it was actually pretty darn good.

Turkey, Avacado, Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, with lettuce...and of course ranch
Remember how I told you I went on a shoe shopping adventures, well here's another pair that I bought. They are super comfy!!!!

Aren't those socks pretty sweet!!

I love the pink cheetah print accent!
Yesterday we also went out to eat at Chuy's to celebrate my Dad and my Brother's birthdays. I love the theme there and the very vibrant colors and pictures on the wall.
I ended up ordering a margarita on the rocks, a Mexican-Cobb salad with pico, grilled peppers, chicken, two different kinds of cheeses (you know I like my cheese) and avacado with a creamy jalapeno ranch, and a cup of tortilla soup. I may have also had a slice of our family favorite cake. Yellow inside, Chocolate outside.
I think my favorite part of the birthday dinner was seeing my niece! And I think her socks are super awesome! They say "Sweet like Auntie" all for me!!!

I couldn't get the best picture because she couldn't keep her feet still, she probably wanted that big bow off of her head :]...I've learned that her favorite hobby is sticking her tongue out...see above!
I've also come to the conclusion that my family my be the worst and taking pictures. Even Drew can't take a decent picture.

I did tell them to get used to taking pictures, I have a blog to keep up with :)

Any tips for making your family take the best pictures every? (ha)
What did you have for dinner last night?
When you go out do you avoid the alcohol or dive in and order a drink?

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