Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I Lost 2.2 lbs This Week

Happy Tuesday!

I just wanted to check-in and let you all know how this past week has been for me. I started the No Alcohol for a month challenge last week and I'm very please with week 1 results.

My mood has definitely changed for the better. I am not grouchy when I wake up. Instead I can't wait until I peak from under the covers and see a decent time to open my eyes and start the day. Over the holiday weekend I was in bed everyday by 10 pm and was awake by 8am everyday. I've laughed more and I've been very goofy. Almost overly hyper at this point. I just have so much energy.

My energy level is out the roof. Drew and I played disc golf several days throughout the week but also played at least 2-3 times everyday throughout the holiday weekend. Each games is 18 holes and can last from an hour and half to our longest game at a new course taking 4 hours. Each course is designed to take you through the woods and allows you to connect with nature. It's seriously a hike and disc golf combined. In the past week we've seen an Eagle, Owls, a Fox, several Deer, a Jack Rabbit, small snakes, a red robin and plenty of lizards. It's very beautiful but I don't get the chance to take pictures because I'm so in to the game and what my next throw will be.

My weight has dropped! I've lost 2.2 lbs in one week. I could tell a difference and really wanted to step on the scale mid-week but I made myself wait until this morning. I am very happy with loosing weight although that wasn't my goal. At this rate, I can be 10 lbs lighter by the time our cruise comes around.

I think I mentioned to you guys that Drew and I stood in a wedding as Maid of Honor and Best Man last month. I will dedicate an entire post when I get pictures from the photographer, but for now here is a sneak peak picture of what Drew and I wore.


  1. It's crazy how many calories are in alcoholic drinks! And of course the kind I like are always the worst...

    1. Yes, I'm working on it. Slowly, but surely.


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