Monday, September 8, 2014

A Jumpy House Escapade

Happy Monday.

And yes, I said Happy Monday because I'm in a really good mood. This morning didn't start out like that though. I was tiiireeeddd.

I didn't sleep much on Saturday because we stayed up late night. After a long day of Softball.

 Then our friends really wanted to go out downtown. After several No's and a handful of excuses we gave in. We stayed out until 4:00 a.m and I had to be up by 7:30 a.m. to not only celebrate Grandparent's Day but also see my Grandma on her last day here in Austin.

My Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister-in-law Niece and Mema all went for breakfast at Dan's. As always it was a fun time, especially being able to hang out with my niece. She made all the Grandparent's cards. Of course my Dad's had to have fish stickers on it. She already knows him so well.

I thought it was hilarious that she had the ketchup bottle in these pictures because my brother eats ketchup religiously.

After a nice meal, I met up with Drew and his friend Ben to go Disc Golfing. It was a much needed workout. I'm getting better every time we go out there. I can't wait to start being able to beat Drew.

After our workout we headed to our friends son's birthday party. Mason turned 3 years old. He is so smart and very, very talkative. He had a jumpy house and Drew and I decided to go have some fun of our own in the jumpy house once all the kids were out. Once they all saw that we were in the jumpy house, they came running and I got scared the closer they got. They piled on top of us; jumping and running and laughing. It was cute, but I had to get out of there.

Drew was unfortunately was stuck in the jumpy house with all of the kids when he tried to leave the kids yelled "NOOOO, get Woody (they think he looks like Woody from Toy Story)!!" And they all ran towards him and jumped on him. And this is what happened to Drew....

That was the hardest I've laughed in my entire life. He was seriously stuck. It took two of us to lift him up and get the jumpy house back up and running.

We ate BBQ, Cake and Ice Cream, played on the playgrounds and watched Mason open up his gifts. It was a good way to end the weekend.

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