Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Weekend Adventures

This weekend was a great one.

On Friday night, Drew and I went disc golfing (what's new) after work. We only had a couple of hours to play before the sun would go down but I knew that I wanted to be on hole 15 when it was so that I could catch a picture.

My phone did all of this "extra" stuff to this picture, but I love it

On Saturday morning I got a call from my Dad. He literally woke me up begging me to go to Houston to go to the car races. I said no. Then went back to sleep for approximately 2 minutes. Realizing I just turned down a fun day, I called him back and said Come Get MEEE!

The drive wasn't terrible at all. It only took us about 3 hours from Austin to Houston.

We arrived to the racetrack. The air was full of gasoline and burning rubber. I've always loved that smell because it reminds me of going to the racetrack as a little girl. The crew was working hard on Mason's truck. They take it very serious.

Tonight was an extra special night because it was "double feature" night which meant everyone got to race two races. Mason won the first race and got a trophy. His second race he finished third. We were all so proud and I was happy to be back to my stomping grounds.

Plus I got to ride around in this bad boy

Note to self: wear normal clothes sometimes, you don't always have to be in workout clothes.

Why is this chair so big?

After the night was over, we went back to our hotel room and woke up early Sunday morning to head back to Austin.

Sunday we celebrated my best friends 25th birthday. We went to a little neighborhood bar called Little Woodrow's. It was so nice to see all of my friends. It's rare that we actually get quality time together, especially without the boyfriends/husbands/kids.

We made a new rule. Once a month mandatory get together!! I can't wait for next month!!

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