Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Fitness Games (TFG): My Review - Platinum Edition

Happy Thursday! 

I'm extra excited this Thursday because that only means Drew and I leave for my cruise in 2 days! The only thing I was a little worried about was fitting into my swimsuit. With the help of The Fitness Games app I was able to shed a couple of unwanted pounds and now I'm more than ready to put that swimsuit back on and hop on board.

I was given the Platinum Version of TFG which includes 16 total workouts, unlimited video posting, a create your own workout feature, and the cardio category with live GPS capability. All other workouts can be purchased for .99 cents - just a one time thing. 

What I really love about the app is how user friendly it is. It's really simple, easy and no extra messy business. When you are ready to workout, you just click what you want to do for the day.

There are 4 features you can work on full body, strength, cardio or do cross training. I chose to do a full body work out and was presented with what I thought was a challenging workout. Another great thing is that you can select between beginner, intermediate or advanced, so you can chose what level you begin with. I started with beginner but will eventually work my self up as I get my comfortable. That means this app is here to stay.

I started the workout and by the end I was exhausted. I love a good circuit workout, especially a fast one. I usually workout during my lunch hour at work. I was able to complete this workout, go out for a nice walk, and take a shower all within my allotted hour lunch time. 

If you are not familiar with one of the workouts then you can click on the arrow and you can see pictures/videos of someone completing a workout. 

I love this feature of the app because often times when I'm trying to complete a circuit workout and don't know how to do one of the exercises, I'll skip it. Now I don't have to!

When using this app, you can either challenge yourself to beat one of your previous times completing a workout or find a friend and challenge them to the same workout you are doing. I can't wait to add more friends and track our progress together.

  • Very user friendly
  • Can complete workouts in a short period of time 
  • Visual guide to show you unfamiliar moves
  • Can challenge yourself or your friends
  • Can post  real time video's/pictures
  • Stores your completed workouts so that you can go back to your favorites easily 

  • Available through itunes only  Now available on Android devices!!
  • To unlock certain challenges you have to pay a one time fee of .99 cents 
  • I wish there was a way to create a calender and put different workouts into different days so that you can pre-plan all of your workouts and have a mini program created. 

It appears that the pro's outweigh the con's. I definitely recommend this app if you are looking for new workout circuits, are on a time crunch or want to workout with friends virtually. 

You can visit The Fitness Game's website at:


*This post was sponsored by The Fitness Games through my partnership with Fit Approach as a Sweat Pink Ambassador. I was not compensated monetarily, but was provided the Platinum Version of the application for review. As always, all opinions are my own.

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