Monday, August 25, 2014

Hi, I'm Renae and I Have a Drinking Problem

This weekend while at the rehearsal for our friends wedding, Father let us know that we could not walk into church the next day for the wedding smelling like alcohol.

Why did everyone turn to Drew and I at that moment? Because we drink. A lot. Too much.

Exhibit A - Really? Mini pitchers of liquor! And I'm sure that's not all we had to drink that night

Caught! That is a mixed drink. See the brown paper bag w/ the bottle in it. This was on Father's Day.

See Drew has a beer in his hand...I'm sure I had one too laying around somewhere. At Softball.

In Rockport, Texas playing cornhole...with a beer in hand

Leaving Galveston, TX on the cruise ship...we just got on the ship and already have a drink

In our cabin on the cruise ship, This is what we had plus another $400 worth of alcohol.

This is what we brought back from Cozumel, Mexico on the ship (4 liters of Crown Royal, 1- 3 liter of Bacardi)

So I think you can understand why everyone felt the need to turn and look at us. And while I try to promote a healthy lifestyle, I'm failing miserably in the alcohol department. How can I get up and go for a run when I've been drinking heavily the night before. How can I crave vegetables and fruit after a night out of drinking? I don't. I crave greasy pizza and breakfast tacos.

So Drew and I have decided that beginning today we will be alcohol free until our next cruise on September 27th. That is 33 days from now. We usually drink almost 4 times a week, pretty heavily. This will be hard but I know we can do it together. We can do anything together.

I think we end up saving a lot of money and I will probably shed some pounds. I'm sure I drink at least 1200 calories or so every time we drink. I'll make sure to weigh myself today and then again every Monday to see if there is any difference. Even if there is no scale difference I will still be happy because we are not quitting to lose weight anyways, there are far more other concerns that we are worried about. I will also be sure to document things like how I'm feeling, if my skin changes for the better, and if my eating habits change as a result of not drinking.

Sometimes bloggers say that they feel they are putting too much information out there, but I am putting this out there so that I can be held accountable. I also want to look at this one day and be like "Whoa, I'm glad I don't feel the need to drink that much anymore." My goal is not to quit drinking completely, it's to drink in moderation and to know when enough is enough.


  1. I think that's a really awesome and challenging goal to set! I know my previous semester of college consisted of lots of drinking even during week days. You can do it!

    1. Thank you so much. I can always use the support and encouragement.


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