Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cruise to Cozumel Pt. 2 :)

The next morning was spent hungover. I decided the best way to get over it was to eat, jump on the slide that throws you into the coldest water ever, and then have another drink.

Haha. It was too much fun and just what I needed.I think everyone was feeling the need to jump into the water. The pool area got packed fast!

 Do you see that medal around my neck? I won that the day before at the bean bag contest! Woot Woot, I'm pretty bad ass...I know! haha

When I purchased the cruise I also purchased some alcohol to be delivered to our room to Drew. This also helped us save money on alcohol...Drew did us a favor and purchased the couples massage. It was heavenly. 

After a little bit of relaxation we headed back to the pool area where they were having the drink mixing contest. Which ever drink won the contest would be added to the drink menu and could be ordered for the rest of that day. Obviously she won!

We went back inside to a different more relaxed bar. The same bar that had my favorite musician playing the best old country hits.

This would also be where we met some new friends that we would continue to hang out with for the rest of the cruise.

 We went to the Karaoke bar where our friends decided to sing a long, Drew was more interested in talking to this sweet man.

 to be continued...

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