Monday, April 21, 2014

Cruise to Cozumel Pt. 3 !

I admit that I was a horrible photographer for the Cozumel Cruise. I was having such a good time that it was hard to interrupt those moments to snap pictures. So unfortunately, I don't have many pictures of the Island.

While in Cozumel we went sailing, snorkeling, and went to a private beach party. Unlimited Alcohol Ya'll. It was pretty sweet. Drew and I swam into the water to find the water obstacles, slides, and trampoline. We had so much fun. I already started feeling the warm sun slightly burning my back, but I couldn't stay out of the crystal clear water.

After the beach party we sailed back to the common part of Cozumel. We bought our alcohol to take home for super cheap. Between Drew, my Mom, and I, we brought back 2 - 3 liters of Bacardi, 1 - 3 liter of Crown royal, and 4 - 1 liter bottles of Crown royal. Total Cost = $220. That's about $16 per liter. You CANNOT find those prices here in the States.

We got back onto the ship and went to the Casino again. I put $20 down and won $125 on blackjack. I immediately left the table after winning 7 hands in a row. Bad luck will hit eventually.

Drew was stuck testing his luck on these games.

We later went to the karaoke bar to meet up with Mom and her friends. They were doing well on the trip too ;)

Andddd....I couldn't have enough of these martini's made at the Alchemy bar. I was the only one to correctly guess each martini and so I won a martini/carnival charm!!

Overall, this was the best cruise I have taken. I think a large part of it had to do with Drew being there. Normally, by the third day, I'm ready to be at home in his arms. Drew enjoyed his first cruise so much that we are already planning our next cruise...we're thinking Jamaica. 

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