Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cruise to Cozumel Pt. 1 :)

Sorry I'm not sorry for not posting in a while...because last week Drew, my Mom, her friends Kim, and Andy all took a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico!

It was Drew's first cruise. He was super nervous and didn't think it would be all the fun that I said it would be. Boy was he wrong. I admit that as we were leaving port from Galveston, Texas he did say something like "I can still see land, I have time to swim back." That was the last negative thing Drew said while on the trip.

 Galveston is not the prettiest right now due to the recent oil spill.

After about 3 hours and a couple of drinks in his system, it was like Drew completely forgot we were on a cruse ship. He had a blast!

The drink menu was spectacular. They make is super convenient to pay for things while on the ship. They tie your money to your room key which is also what you use for entry on and off the ship and how you are seated for formal dinner. The card was always on you, so a lot of drinks were ordered!

I decided that after a few drinks I would show Drew around the ship. There was over 15 different decks. Our cruise had a casino, multiple bars/clubs, a theater, an outside theater, a water slide, mini golf and much, much more.

After our little tour we began to dive in and take advantage of what the ship had to offer. At this point Drew was still in awe, so I wanted to take him somewhere that he could be at rest. We went to the Whiskey and Stogies tasting. You paid $7 to try 4 whiskeys of your choice and a stogie of your choice.

As you can see in the background they had some sweet Cumbia band playing. I loved their sound and was soon dancing, moving my hips.

Afterwards, we met back up with the other members of our group to the best bar on the ship, the Alchemy bar. This is also where I learned that older women love Drew and that would be the theme throughout the rest of the cruise. See below.

This man was the bomb (.) com! He played a lot of old country music and sounded just like the greats!

Later we went to see some of the shows that Carnival had on the ship. They were all amazing but I wasn't going up there. They like to embarrass you and get you comfortable with being crazy on the ship.

Every night when you come back to your room, the wonderful room stewards would make you a new towel animal. Our first night we got an elephant. They also give you the itinerary for the next day along with every activity that is going on, on the ship.

 After resting for a while we went down to test our luck at the Casino (no luck tonight) then headed to the club. It didn't close down until 5 a.m. and we were the until the end. This is how every night ended for us.

Day one was a success. We had an amazing time and couldn't wait to see what was in store for the next day.

to be continued...

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