Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cozumel and Progresso Mexico! Carnival Cruise

I had a great 10 day vacation. While only 5 nights were truly spent away on the cruise, the other 5 nights were just as glorious not having to go to work.

This was my 4th cruise (My 3rd with Carnival) and it never gets old or boring. I can't wait to start planning the next one.

This time only Drew and I went aboard the Carnival Triumph. I was really horrible at taking pictures because I had already been on this ship before. I felt like we were regulars, others constantly remaining close as to not miss anything spectacular that we might know of being past cruisers and all.

This time we didn't gamble in the casino, we actually ate in the fancy shmancy dining room twice, and we did not look at our itinerary for the day very often. We just went with the flow, took naps, and enjoyed each others company, all while sipping pina colada's of course.

We tried some things we have never tried before. I tried alligator fritters and Drew tried the calamari and scallop pasta dish. My favorite night of dining was when I ordered the prime rib which was the size of my plate. Overall we loved our food but never left enough room for dessert.

On this ship, Carnival had us seat with others for dinner. I don't know how they select who sits with who, but we were seated with two other couples all around our age. But both couples were newlyweds and were on their honeymoon. Is Carnival trying to hint at something?

Again this trip we made many friends and exchanged numbers. We are all looking forward to going on a future cruise together sometime next Spring. I can't wait.

Some notable things that happened on the cruise this time:

  • Pat Green was on board and even held a concert. We got to see him perform live in Progresso.
  • A girl we met got really drunk. She was taken to her room and somehow managed to leave the room. She ended up with a black eye and only remembers hearing "Hey, don't talk to my Mom like that"  
  • A boy and his two friends decided to wander off in Progresso to the not-so-touristy parts of the island. They had to be escorted by wheelchairs to the ship. They don't remember anything, their money was gone as well as their ID's and one of them even jumped/fell? out of the wheelchair between the giant ship and the pier. They think they may have been drugged. Lesson learned: Don't venture to non-touristy areas of islands...especially in Mexico.
  • A big brawl that included men and women ensued in the comedy club, those people were taken away and isolated from the rest of the boat.
  • People were very attracted to Drew and I. We received plenty of drinks and shots, cigarettes, and we were even given two $20 bills by others just because. When I tried to give the money back, one of the ladies said, "Don't mess up my blessing! You can't give me that back." A very nice reminder that there are great people in this world.

 One of my favorite things was the shopping in Progresso. After we rode jet skis and had a massage on the beach, we did a little shopping. We bought a hammock, Cuban cigars, a cool Mayan carving to hang on the wall, an ashtray/cigarette and lighter holder that just looks like a log from a tree, and a very nice all leather purse with the prettiest little details. I fell in love with it.

Everything that we bought, we bargained for, and a bargain we got. This purse was originally $85 and we talked them down to $35. The hammock $35, we bought it for $15. It was amazing at how much they locals were willing to go down in prices. We also bought 3 liters of the best organic tequila 100 anos. No hang over what so ever. Glorious! We also bought a single 3 liter bottle of Bacardi. We have yet to open that bad boy.

All in all it was a great trip. We had a blast and we can't wait to go back again.

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