Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ice cream and whatnot

todays workout was foam rolling, stretching, zumba at golds gym, and sauna for 10 minutes.

So I wanted to take a picture of my yummy ice cream from baskin robbins. I had a small scoop of mississippi mud, but in this texas heat I had no chance of getting a good picture bc it melted before I even took the first bite. How lovely.               
I was actually supposed to go to tcby for some semi~healthy ice cream...but that obviously didnt work out...

We decided to come wash and wax drews car so I thought I could get a little workout in...but he is hogging the foaming brush so I decided to blog...

Dinner tonight is al pastor and rice. The al pastor has been in the crock pot since 11 it is now 4. Should be delicious when we get home

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