Friday, May 3, 2013

Road trip

Hey guys, you will have to bear with me. Im in the car with my hunny bunny so im writing this on the good ol phone.

Were headed to the lake to go camping and im super excited!!!

My dad, mom, and mema (grandma) have already gotten there. At least set up is done...haha. My brother and his wife will be arriving tomorrow to celebrate an my birthday a little early.

Yall I havent gone camping in like 3 years. my family and I used to go every weeekend until I was in 6th or 7th grade. At the time I didnt appreciate it as muchas I do now. Its so relaxing....ahhh I cant wait to get there.

We do things just a tad bit different now. We used to be tent campers but we have upgraded and now have a pull behind camper, with an oven and shower....heavan:)

I made sure to bring my workout clothes to go on a run and maybe catch some cool nature shots. Im most excited about fishing though...and hopefully catching some fish so that we dont go starving...ha kidding. We knew better and brought some food...just incase.

Whens the last time you went camping?

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