Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Camping Fun

I finally made it camping. It has been years! We actually went earlier this month for my birthday, but I'm just now getting around to writing a post about it.

I don't have many pictures because I was having too much fun to worry about charging my phone or pulling out any electronics for that matter.

I was only able to get one picture in before my phone died and I didn't care anymore.

Drew and Mema on the bottom right
Isn't that view awesome. I was so excited when Drew and I arrived. My parents, Mema, and the Dogs had gotten there earlier in the day and camp was already set up! YESSS!! That's how you do it.
We played darts, listened to music, made smores (OMG sooooo Good), and drank a little beer. Even Mema got in on the beer action with a little budlight strawberitta. GO MEMA! It's your birthday! The next day we woke pretty earlier and I made everyone biscuits and gravy, bacon and eggs. Obviously we aren't the traditional campers anymore we have a pull behind camper that comes with an oven, stove, shower, and plenty of sleeping room! Sweet.
Later in the day Drew and I decided to go fishing. I didn't think we'd last very long b/c I used to get bored after an hour. But we ended up fishing for 4 hours. We had a bet going. $5 for the first person to catch a fish, $5 for the biggest fish, and $5 for the most fish caught. Drew caught the first but I caught the BIGGEST!!! Everyone at the marina was impressed. They even started asking me questions about how deep I was fishing  and what bait I was using. They I thought I was a professional. :] We didn't end up catching anymore fish so we tied. A lot of people at the marina did end up giving us the fish that they caught. WINNER WINNER FISH DINNER.
My brother, his wife Amber, and lots of Uncles, Aunt's and Cousins made it out. It was the best birthday/camping trip ever. I think we've decided we are going to do this every year for my birthday. I had a blast. Just wish it wasn't over so soon.

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