Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Phone Dumpin'

I, like Andrea, am just to busy lazy to post a real post....so here's some pictures I found on my tablet.

My sleepy baby...His name is D.O.G. isn't he precious.
And this is Kujo...the evil one. You think I'm lying? His name is Kujo for a reason. See below.
See, He is trying to bite me right and all I wanted to do was pet him. :[
Saw this guy on my flight to Miami. Doesn't he look like Johnny Knoxville? Anyone...?
Got the Keratin treatment done to my hair. I love it. Ladies, it's definitely worth the money.
Austin Reggae Fest - Day
Austin Reggae Fest - Night
Delicious breakfast from a little french restauraunt in Miami - Bread was DEeeelicious.
This pictured doesn't do this dogs size justice. He was humungo...


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