Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My First Plane Ride

Everytime that I mention to someone that I've never been on a plane, I get the "your crazzzzy, no wayyy" look. Apparently everyone and their mama's have been on a plane before.

On my trip to Miami and the Bahamas I had to do 3 take off's and 3 landings. WOW!

Leaving Austin I told Mom that I wanted the window seat. So I sat at the window seat and I was always right on the wing for every plane ride I was on that week.

I was super excited and nervous at the same time. We rounded a corner and were on the straight away. As we started going faster, I started to get more nervous....scared actually. But too late, there's no turning back now.

Mom was able to catch a couple of pictures of me while the plane was taking off. In one of them you can kinda see a tear. Yes people. I was scared. I didn't like my first take off at all....I flipped the eff out. Any weird noise I heard or any subtle movement caused me to freak out...

So I did what I do best. I ordered a drink. OMG! Those airplanes do NOT play around with their mixed drinks. I believe it was probably the strongest drink I've ever had. I was in love. I had two drinks and by the time I was done with two I had a nice buzz and the rest of the plane trip went smoothly.

By my next plane takeoff I was a little more at ease. I knew the drill and I knew that those weird noises I was hearing doesn't mean the plane is going down. :]

And by my thrid take off, I felt like a pro....

I will have a lot more pictures for you guys once my camera situation gets fixed. Some are too funny.

Would you ever be a flight attendant?
Probably not.

Do you know anyone that has never been on a plane before?
Just me...and some babies...but then again, a lot of babies have been on more plane rides that I ever will.


  1. I have met a few people around here since moving to NC that havent ever flown.... which is crazy to me, but growing up in Alaska you have to fly to get anywhere because it is sooo hard (and long) to drive anywhere. Whereas in NC people always just hop in the car to go about anywhere, the beach, etc. so I guess it sort of makes sense!
    And no, I could definitely not be a flight attendant! One of my friends growing up allllways wanted to be one though and she went to school for it 2 years ago finally!

    1. Yeah, I could understand always having to take a plane from Alaska. I need to travel more is all that means. Wow. She became a flight attendant. They seem so calm all of the time and I'm sure they fly free :-) that's always a plus

  2. I could NEVER be a flight attendant... but mostly because I don't think I could handle the whole pleasing everyone thing :)

    1. Yeah, and always keep a smile on your face, even with screaming kids, and people farting. Yessss...I smelled someones fart on the plane. Haha....that sucked.


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