Wednesday, March 13, 2013

And Now She's Back

I am back and pretty glad to be back, minus the waking up early, not having breakfast, lunch, and dinner already prepared, and no one to make my bed for me.

I have a ton of pictures I wanted to share with you guys but my camera is being funky. I'll figure it out soon.

Just know I had a blast but definitely missed my hunny bunny and Kujo and D.O.G.

Some quick things I learned:

People in Miami can be quite rude.
People in Miami are crazzzy drivers. From the airport to the hotel I almost saw 4 wrecks.
They also honk at you even when there's no where for you to go, like at a red light.
When you go to the bahamas, don't let the straw market hustle you, you hustle the straw market.
Got some great deals because of my hustlin skills :]

It feels great to be back in AUSTIN!!!

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  1. I personally don't like Miami so sorry for their rudeness and I can't wait to hear and see pics of your trip!


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