Wednesday, July 25, 2012

squats, pushups, dips, situps

Yesterday I did very good working out. I can use a little help on eating but will work on that. I ran 2 miles yesterday at lunch followed by squats, dips, pushups, and situps. I'm starting those programs and so far my numbers are as followed:

Squats: 35
Pushups: 12
Dips: 6
Situps: 25

I will keep updating as I go so that you can know if this program works or not. Your supposed to skip days but I'm not today because that was only the initial test yesterday. I am gonna go ahead and start week 1 today.

I need to get more pictures up for you guys. That will be my goal...It always makes blogs a lot more interesting when there's a picture, don't ya think?

Will post update later.

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